We offer consumer drop-off service!

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2940 Baseline Road


Residential: FREE Drop-Off

Foxy Recycle can accept your recyclable
items for FREE at 2940 Baseline Road in Ottawa.

Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Drop-Off Location and Questions Call or email us:
613.726. FOXY (3699) x102

*Drop-offs do not operate on public holidays.

What Will Foxy Recycle...Recycle?


- T.V.' (CRT, LCD, Plasma & Rear Projection)

- Speakers (Computer & home theater)

- All CD/DVD Players & VCR's

- Audio Players (Tape, disk & digital)

- Audio Recorders (Tape, Disk, digital)

- Cameras (Film, Tape, Digital)

- Equalizer, Radio, Receiver, Turntable, Amp, Preamp

Computer Equipment:

- Computer monitors (All types)

- Computer towers

- Laptops

- Keyboards & Mice

- Speakers

- Printers, Scanners & MFD's

- Modems

Telephone & Cellular Devices:

- Home Phone (Wired, Cordless)

- Fax Machines

- Cell Phones (including all attachments & Chargers)

- PDA's & Pages


- Microwaves (please remove glass tray)

- Small & Large Appliances

- Stoves

- Washers / Dryers

- Dishwashers

All type of Metals:

- Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass

If you have any Questions about us recycling anything not on this list,
send rob@foxyrecycle.com an email.


We also offer pickup service for large items.
Email rob@foxyrecycle.com for details.
Check below to see what we accept, the list is long.


Orange $50*...

Red $60*...

Green $70*...

*Prices vary on location and size

Items We Don't Accept

- ALL Household Hazardous Waste
(ex. Light Bulbs, Chemicals, Paints, Propane Tanks,
Refrigerants, etc.)

Please check out the City of Ottawa Website for information.